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Dot Com City News Episode 2

Another instalment from Malcolm and his Dot Com City News with a special appearance from Mr Tony Pizza!

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Laura Vs. Episode 3

Another instalment of Laura Vs. This week Laura takes on singer/rapper/songwriter Dretonio, but who will be crowned winner.

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The Real Thing Episode 8

The next instalment from Mel G, this week she introduces us to; Lucchi Supremson, Raymond Jaquez & Dra Estephania and Ghagged.  

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Extra Time Episode 3

Hannah Khan gives us a round up of the latest football news; with the 2013/14 premiership season coming to a dazzling end, plus action from the champions league things still look tasty

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Girls Night In Episode 2

The second instalment from Chellce AJ’s ‘Girls Night In’, this week Chellce has pop heart throbs ┬áThe Vamps on the Show.

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Fleurs Fairytales Episode 4

Another instalment of Fleurs Fairytales where Izzy and Tilly have to save the day by travelling to Fairyland and overcoming the evil baby genies.

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Mark Your Territory Episode 2

Mark Woollard brings us episode 2 of Mark your territory which looks at all things celebrity news, celebrity gossip and beauty which is accompanied by his outrageous and no holding back attitude.

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The Real Thing Show 7

Mel G brings us a Jamaican special this week with some new music that has an influence from the Caribbean island.

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London Calling Show 3

Steve Jesson takes us back in time once again through music history with another episode of London Calling.

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The Real Thing Episode 6

In episode 6 of The Real Thing; Mel G introduces Ak Reks and his ‘Dancehop’, Latasha Lee and the Black Ties and an RnB classic from Big Jim.