Anthony Williams

Anthony considers himself closely knitted with the easygoing English-speaking and ‘no problem’ attitude, which is the well-known reputation of Antiguan and Barbudan people.

Presenting has given Anthony an opportunity to host a number of topics through radio and TV.

Anthony Williams is a Media Performance graduate currently living in London yet he is well travelled all over the Caribbean and the United States.

He considers himself as a creative, fun, widely talented and confident person. He has people, communication and interactive skills that he trusts is relevant for any budding Presenter. He has been trained on Auto cue, talk back, talk to time and interviewing industry professionals, which are relevant skills to have whilst Presenting for TV.

Judging from the compliments received from Producers, Photographers and Agents they consider him to be professional, photogenic and a sociable person.

“Mr Ant Williams is a delight to work with, he needs little direction as he has a good understanding of camerawork, and takes up great angles and expressions for every shot. I look forward to working with him a lot more” (Mollaso UK, 2013)

Anthony has worked with a range of Producers and Professionals that has enabled him to gain great exposure in the Industry. He has even managed to Co-Produce, write and Present his own documentary based around the division between Home and International students within a University setting. As a dedicated Sales person – He has used this to his advantage to make sales videos of gadgets in a live studio, whilst having direction from the Director of QVC.

As Anthony likes to succeed in his career aspirations as a Model, Actor and TV Presenter he is enthusiastic and open minded through everything that he does. During Castings and Networking events he likes to meet new people and has great networking skills, which can help him make more contacts in the industry.

Anthony is trying his hardest to break through in the Media industry – through his passion of travelling the world. He considers himself as world-class and now is the time for him to reap what he has sown. He has been thriving to get his name ‘Anthony Williams’ out there and what a better opportunity to have him Presenting for the Nation.

Shakespeare once said, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” While I do not know what my future holds or how I will spend the bulk of my adult life, I do intend not to be caught unprepared and without a clue whilst my life unfolds.


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Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams