Frank Furness

Frank Furness CSP is an internationally sought after Sales & Technology Speaker and Social Media Presenter. His lively, enthusiastic and humorous style has inspired audiences all around the world.

He is a specialist in sales, technology, social media and goal setting and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organizations.

He has been a guest on many radio and TV talkback shows and is the past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe.

He currently spends eighty percent of his time speaking internationally, working in fifty two countries.

He is a regular speaker at Entrepreneurs University and his clients include the British Olympic Team, The Professional Cricketers Association, Sporting Champions and Sport England.

In 2007 he was awarded ‘Top Speaker’ for Vistage (the world’s largest CEO organization) Europe in 2011 inducted into the ‘Speaker Hall of Fame’.

In 2013 he was awarded overseas ‘Speaker of the Year’ for Vistage Australia with his 28 presentations averaging a 94% rating from the audiences.

Apart from speaking, Frank has an Internet Marketing business with 22 websites all producing income. He has been an avid supporter of video marketing for many years and his YouTube channel has 500 videos, 3.5 million views and over 5,000 subscribers.

Frank’s books ‘Walking with Tigers – Success Secrets of the World’s Top Sales & Business Leaders’ and ‘How to Find New Business and Clients’ are International best sellers

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Frank Furness

Frank Furness