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Naomi Marghaleet was an actress for twenty years, appearing on stage and screen, until a life changing experience led her to train to become a healer. In 1997 Naomi embarked upon a spiritual apprenticeship, studying Buddism, Meditation and Reiki, while attending workshops with the leading lights of the spiritual movement. These included Barbara Ann Brennan, Caroline Myss phd, Dr Christine Page, Ken Page, Nancy Nester, Gordon Smith, Dr Stephen Farmer and Doreen Virtue phd.

Once qualified, Naomi was employed by the NHS to treat addicts at The Paddington Drug Treatment Centre in London. For 15 years, she has also seen clients privately at complementary health centres in London, France, Thailand and the US. An experienced workshop leader, Naomi was invited to teach Reiki at Chateau Bel Enault in Normandy, France. Her courses were featured in The Guardian article “Go With The Flow.” Listening to hundreds of peoples’ stories and teaching workshops worldwide has given her insight into how we are all connected and how desperate the need for healing is on the planet at this time.

“Care For Your Soul” aligns Naomi’s skills as a presenter with her soul purpose; the aim being to share quality information contained in meaningful books; information that supports anyone seeking to improve their soul’s journey through life. Each episode focuses on a book that stirs the spirit and hopefully makes viewers smile with the recognition that they are not alone. Avoiding the cynicism sometimes associated with all things spiritual, each week Naomi discusses with a guest how a particular book changed their life, or their perception of life.

“Care For Your Soul” includes The Alchemist, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Game of Life and How To Play It and Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.

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