Rajan Sharma

On the 3rd of April 1991, Ealing Hospital delivered Rajan Sharma.  Rajan is a British Citizen who grew up in the neighbourhoods of West London and is of Indian origin.  Rajan’s parents however were born in Kenya. His mother was born in Kisumu and his father was born in Nairobi.

Rajan’s grandparents thought that London was the ‘Land of Opportunity’ open to employment and success and decided to move there in hope of a better standard of living. They had precluded that the capital city ‘London’ would be a place whereby hard work would result in a rewarding lifestyle with an improved future. Rajan was a good student at high school and college.  He always did his homework, always handed work on time and always presented himself in an appropriate manner.

He didn’t want to be average but wanted to aspire to become something special. However, he soon realised that his main strengths lied not in academics but in creativity.  Between the ages of 9 to 16, he spent most of his time writing lyrics for songs. Music was a huge inspiration in his life and he considered it as another form of speech.

On June 2012, Rajan graduated with a 2:1 degree in Geography. University was where he discovered his other passion, presenting. Rajan loved presentation assessment’s as it required him to engage a crowd, become interesting, show his verbal skills and it some way perform. Other students found presentations nerve wrecking but Rajan adored the idea of entertaining an audience. His shear confidence overwhelmed others as they had never seen a guy like this before in their lives.

Since then, Rajan has presented in various events, been one of the major contestants in a leading dating show called ‘first dates’ and has his own online channel. The most important thing to Rajan is his family. He places it before his own health. In his own words “the people that raised you are the people you have to protect”.

He lives his life with three main principles which are the key to his happiness. The first is ‘treat people the way you would like to be treated’. The second is ‘ if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time with the best of your ability’. No sloppy seconds. Lastly, learn from mistakes the first time round so you don’t make them twice.


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Rajan Sharma

Rajan Sharma